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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  October 28, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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"newsline," i'm shery ahn. thailand's capital is bracing for more flooding when springtime reaches peak saturday. the military is standing by caused by water from the river. the spring tide began friday. water flowed over a two and a half meter barrier into the capitol. water level is expected to peak around 9:00 a.m. saturday and 6:30 local time. they are getting ready to add layers to sandbag barriers.
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the prime minister told ambassadors in bangkok friday that the government is fully addressing the problem. they are the first to turn in tests from the idol reactors. they released tests. the government mandated stress tests be done before idle reactors can be restored. the executives visited the nuclear and industrial safety agency friday to deliver the results on the number three
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reactor. >> translator: we'll continue to take security measures to utilize nuclear energy safely. when we have new requirements, we'd like to add them immediately. >> a computer simulation showed the reactor could withstand an earthquake 1.8 times the inte e intensity in a tsunami, four times the height of the estimated maximum. here is the current status of the nuclear power plants across the country. they have 54 reactors. in the wake of the accident at fukushima daiichi, 44 reactors are idles, mainly for safety inspections. local officials are upset they didn't learn more from this first test. >> translator: the test is not enough for a restart. we have been calling on the government to clarify the cause and other parts of the fukushima accident and have them reflected
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in nuclear safety standards. >> translator: they submitted the results of the stress test but won't give us any information to help us decide whether or not we can restart the reactor. >> residents have to prove before any reactor can be turned back on. >> one of the crippled reactors at the fukushima daiichi plant was fitted with a cover to lower radioactive emissions. the plant's operator, tepco, had been building the casing for the number one reactor since june. the cover is 54 meters high, 47 meters wide, and 42 meters deep. it has a vent ladies and gentlemen system and filters out radioactive substances. tepco says during tests the system removed more than 90% of
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radioactive cesium. they are considering installing covers for number three and four reactors were debris removal is completed after summer next year. nato will end its military operation in libya on october 31. nato ambassadors made the decision on friday. nato began its mission in libya in march to protect libyans from forces loyal to moammar gadhafi. it made a preliminary decision to end the mission last week after the national transitional council announced gadhafi's death and the liberation of the whole country. the national transitional council wanted nato to continue the mission until at least the end of the year. but the u.n. security council voted on thursday to end nato's mandate at the end of this month. nato says it's ready to help maintain security in libya, if asked. >> the world stands with them. and nato stands ready to help, if needed and requested.
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to help libyans reform the security and defense institutions that all democracies need to remain free and safe. >> thailand's crisis is entering china is waiting whether they decide whether to invest in a bailout fund. they decided to boost the size of the facility and find financial resources outside europe.
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the chief of the european financial stability facility visited beijing on friday and asked for china's help in expanding the scope of the fund. he said after meeting chinese government officials that no decision had been made. >> no conclusion certainly today during our visit. what i know is that china must invest every month, because the counterpart has a surplus. >> the chinese vice finance minister noted that his country is already investing in the fund. he said china wants to find more details about the plan to bolster the fund before making an investment decision. >> translator: we need to wait until there is more clarification on how the fund will be used and how risks can be avoided. only then can we discuss whether we will invest. the yen has repeatedly hit new highs against the dollar this week as investors have been concerned about the european debt crisis and the economic situation in the united states. for now, a look on the currency markets, we spoke with michael moran, chief economist. >> it's a little surprising to see the yen strengthen against
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the dollar, but there are several factors at work. first, japan is no longer the low rate nation in the world. interest rates in the u.s. are quite low, and therefore, to many investors, japanese interest rates look attractive, especially if you adjust for different inflation rate with moderate inflation in the u.s. and deflation in japan. japanese interest rates might look attractive to many investors. also, the economic performance in japan i think is probably not seen as negative as it has been in the past. the u.s. economy right now is growing slowly, and i'm suspecting that many investors are looking or expecting for the japanese economy to pick up because of rebuilding from the tsunami and the earthquake. something else that i think is important is that investors probably have a different view toward the debt situation in japan versus other nations. many investors realize now that the debt situation in the united states is serious.
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that is, it's going to be very difficult to get the fiscal situation of the federal government under control. and of course, europe is dealing with fiscal difficulties, as well. japan has large amounts of outstanding debt, but much of that debt is held by domestic investors and i think it's viewed as less problematic than the situations in other countries. if you add all of these things together, i would tend to think that none of them are going to go away quickly. and therefore, it's probably going to be the case that the yen is going to stay close to its current level for a time. >> that was michael moran, chief economist at daiwa securities, america. here is the extended weather forecas
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of "newsline." i'm shery ahn. i'm shery ahn. thank you for watching. -- captions by vitac --
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documentary 20 mins -- jobs you think you can find a job? how dare you? and you want one in a big company. boy. aren't you ashamed to think a prestigious company would hire you? >> well, yes. i mean, no, not at this point. >> then you give up? >> no, i won't. >> when we hear people speaking in vague terms or saying things without thinking, we can tell right away that they have nothing to say. we've been talking rubbish like that all along. am i right? >> i want to land a job and make money. >> to make money? does that mean you'll be happy
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working anywhere? >> not really. >> you mean, you don't know what you want? >> maybe so. >> that means you haven't grasped your true self yet. >> i guess so. >> you're dead wrong if you think this seminar will ensure your success. first, you have to decide what you want to ask companies and how to judge them. if you aren't consistent about that, it's useless to gather information. if you can't do so, you aren't serious. if i find someone who isn't serious enough, i'll kick them right out. if you don't know what kind of person you are, how can you make yourself understood in interviews? that's why self-analysis is important. i'll give you two, three months for that. first, think about what interests you in school and write down your thoughts for next time.
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>> i've just lived an ordinary life. nothing special. but i don't want to hear her hard words. i want to write something that will blow her away. i might be wrong to think i need to write a long piece.
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>> they've always made foreign-made engines for their probes, but this time they launch one that is made in japan. i always underline parts that catch my interest like this. there's a lot we don't know about space. i want to explore the unknown. it's exciting.
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>> i expect you did a proper self-analysis. first, tell me what you were devoted to in middle school. >> i joined the school soccer team because i had played it in elementary school. i'm so disappointed when a friend got my regular position. i really wanted to contribute to the team. >> what about high school? >> i joined tennis club my first year. i just thought it was cool.
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>> you played soccer since elementary school but you changed to tennis club because you thought it was cool? >> i gave my all in the last game at junior high school. i was completely satisfied. i worked really hard so i wouldn't have any regrets. >> you know what? up to this point your story tells me nothing about your character or what you've been thinking about. you're talking about no one but yourself, right? some students can convince me that they did something really impressive, and that helps me see their strong points, but in your case, you missed the important points. >> i decided to serve as the class representative because of what a grammar school teacher said.
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this teacher changed universities in the third year but had a hard time making friends with other students because they'd already formed groups. this engineering faculty also accepts students from their junior year and i didn't want students to have any difficulties. >> you're so easy to understand. you're a person who doesn't make things difficult. you're simple. but it's very important to be simple. that was good. >> thank you. >> in nakajima's case nothing was made clear. nothing at all. >> i wrote it, but i couldn't understand either. >> i have to say that you're going to have a very difficult time. you're thinking too much about job hunting. i did this and i did that. that's all you talk about.
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you said you felt frustrated when you weren't chosen to play for your team. a lot of thought must have gone through your head, but you left them out of your story. you did this self-analysis for your job hunt, so you must have picked only experiences that you thought you could mention to your interviewers or write on your application forms. you only used good memories, but that won't help you find your true self. i want you to do self-analysis to find something new about yourself and discover your true self. so throw away what you've written. forget everything you wrote. you won't be able to find your true self unless you start all over again. >> well, i'll start from square one.
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>> i wasn't supposed to go that way. >> how was it supposed to go? >> you must have been too nervous. >> well, yes. but everybody else did just fine. >> let's work together. >> i think i had based this confidence that i would do okay. but now i can see i was too optimistic. there is no use keeping this. i can understand what she said.
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it's trash. >> hi. >> i wonder why. >> what? >> what were you really into when you were in junior high? >> me? kindo. >> why? >> why me? >> well, just for my information. >> well, it was fun to put my heart and soul into practicing. >> why did you find it fun? >> i was a beginner, so the more i practiced, the more i could improve my skills. >> now i know. >> what?
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>> well, i don't understand you at all. >> sorry. >> that's what she told me today. hearing you talk about kindo, i realized how my story sounded. i can see how disappointed she was. i could really understand how she felt. >> then that's how she felt. >> yeah, but i'm still at a loss. >> you sound so different today. ♪
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>> good work today.
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>> bon appetit. >> are you eating decent food lately? >> sometimes. can i ask you why you decided to start this business? >> well, i entered the restaurant business as a part-timer. >> oh, is that so? >> yeah. i started off as a part-timer. while working i'd think how i'd be able to earn a living. >> can i ask you what you think is my strong point? >> well, i can see that you are a person who can pursue one thing.
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i think that's your strong point. if i ask you to do something, you always consider how you can achieve it. when we cooperate with other people, first we have to accept what we're told and do some thinking. i think you're a person who can do that. >> i did some self-analysis. >> no more self-analysis, please. >> well, i'm not going to ask your opinion this time. someone told me i always do my best.
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>> hmm, i totally agree with that person. you work really hard, but you just do so -- >> can you put it more politely? >> you can continue working wholeheartedly. so if only you can set a goal, it shouldn't be so hard for you to achieve it. >> you are saying i should work hard and focus? >> exactly. i suppose you ought to make it your strong point. >> yeah, i want to be a person who can work hard toward my goals.
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>> it's been quite a while since we last met. so i assume you've done a lot of self-reflection. today i'll interview you and see how well you can express yourself. mr. nakajima, please introduce yourself. >> name is nakajima, i'm studying aerospace at university.
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i don't want to have any regrets when i'm finished. i think with my heart and act on my decisions. >> what do you mean by think with your heart? can you be more specific? >> i can devote all my time to pursuing my goals. my driving force is a strong desire to achieve those goals. i believe that's my strength. >> nakajima, you are a person who can set goals and work hard to achieve them. and that's what makes you who you are. but what's disappointing is that you can't clearly explain about your strong points or what sets you apart from other people. you're fully aware of your strengths, right? if you could explain them at interviews, that would be really
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great. you don't need any special experience or talents to succeed in job hunting. i want you to keep this in mind and go for it. >> i've studied simulated satellites. >> well, i don't think our company can use that experience. >> well, that's fine.
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i've learned something that's given me a new perspective. i can now understand how mature people see things. i think i'm growing up through this experience. i don't know if what i'm learning is something trivial or important, but, well, i'm having fun. fun. >> hmm, you've really grown up. -- captions by vitac --


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